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Product description

Concentrated milk is a product obtained from the concentration of milk by evaporation.


Concentrated milk can be used for ice cream production and in the confectionery industry.


Concentrated milk can be supplied in all types of packaging according to customer needs.


Choose fresh concentrated milk by Compagnia Lattiero Casearia

In aid to pastry chefs and ice-cream makers, the companies involved in the treatment of dairy have studied formulations able to preserve the qualities of cow’s milk for a long time: these include fresh concentrated milk or condensed milk (which can be sweetened, unsweetened or evaporated), a prerequisite ingredient in ice cream and confectionery if just for the convenience of its formulation.

Dairy products and milk itself are crucial ingredients in artisan or industrial ice cream and pastry preparations.

The nutritional, organoleptic and structural characteristics of milk make it an essential component for the intake of fats, sugars and proteins to ice cream which, if produced with healthy, controlled and certified quality milk-based ingredients, can be considered a complete food from all points of view.

However, due to its “living” nature, the balance of milk is quite complex and unstable: unless freshly consumed, milk must be properly treated in order to preserve itself, also as a component of fresh or frozen sweets.

For the purchase of concentrate milk throughout Italy and abroad, you can contact the Compagnia Lattiero Casearia of Roccafranca (BS), an Italian dairy company that has been producing and marketing milk and milk-based products for the worldwide food industry for over 10 years.

Fresh concentrated milk for pastry and ice cream making

Fresh concentrated milk is an ideal product for use in ice-cream and pastry preparations. In addition to improving the organoleptic profile of many flavours of ice cream, starting from fiordilatte, concentrated cow’s milk plays an essential role in determining the structure and body of ice cream.

The process of production of concentrated milk, based on the concentration of milk with the addition of lactic proteins to the desired consistency, makes available a greater quantity of pre-activated proteins. These allow more stable and rapid bonds, making the consistency of the ice-cream more complete and balanced, thus preventing it to melt too soon, and improving the satisfaction at tasting.

Concentrated milk from the best Italian vaccine milk

Whether based on milk or on vegetables (rice, almond, soy…), the ice-cream must consist exclusively of high-quality fats and proteins, such as those provided by the best Italian cow’s milk processed with procedures, plants and technologies compliant with the safe food safety requirements imposed by the Ministry of Health Italian and from the European Community.

The use of high quality cow’s milk, such as that processed by the Italian Compagnia Lattiero Casearia di Roccafranca (BS), guarantees a better gelato also from the point of view of the structure. The heating process and the presence of lactic acid cause the partial inversion of the sugars, giving the ice cream all the advantages brought about by inverted sugars without an excessive sweetness or undesired anti-freezing effects.

This is why often fresh concentrated milk is a healthy, practical and valid alternative to milk in ice cream and pastry preparations.

Sale of fresh concentrated milk for industrial use of ice-cream and confectionery

The use of high quality fresh concentrated milk improves the softness and lightness of ice cream, which becomes more predisposed to incorporate air. The choice of milk-based products for ice-cream and confectionery products should focus on products of the highest quality, such as those proposed and sold all over the world by the Compagnia Lattiero Casearia, a dairy supplier based in the heart of the Po Valley.

With the pride and wisdom of the Italian food tradition, which has reached remarkable heights in the dairy sector, we deal with the production and processing of cream and dairy products for industrial production. We only use plants, materials and technologies that comply with food safety requirements, making washing cycles with CIP (Cleaning In Place) automated systems on a daily basis, to ensure health and hygiene conditions are restored for the following operations.

To buy fresh, concentrated or frozen milk in large formats for ice cream parlours, confectioners and producers in the food sector, you can contact the Italian dairy trader CLC. The Roccafranca (BS) plant is equipped with systems built in compliance with ethical and environmental aspects, and with an internal laboratory for line analysis, in order to ensure the release of dairy products compliant with strict quality requirements. Not only concentrated milk, but also fresh and frozen cream, full-fat and low-fat yogurt, cream and fresh milk of the best quality, with deliveries and shipments all over the world through specialised couriers. The formats include 10Kg or 20Kg Bag in Box boxes with refrigerated cavity suitable for small quantities of frozen cream for industry; Tank shipped via refrigerated pylons throughout Europe and 1000Kg Pallecom; trucks with isothermal tanks for shipments of large lots throughout Europe. Traders, exporters and suppliers of milk and dairy products for over 10 years, we make deliveries throughout Italy and abroad to ensure an all-Italian taste to your dairy products. We always guarantee the best price of milk, in accordance with the international cream bulletin and milk rates provided by the CLAL.