Cream is a dairy product with a rich flavor, obtained from the separation of the fat component of milk.

CLC’s cream is used primarily as an ingredient in the industrial production of ice-creams, cakes, sauces, and other food products, and is produced with various levels of fat content and packaged in various formats depending on the intended use. It is made from Italian milk, which gives the cream its characteristic pure white color, much valued especially in the production of ice-creams.

Transport Temp: 4°C Storage Temp: 4°C
Shelf Life: 10 days from the production date
Packaging:  Bag in box 10 or 20kg
   Isothermal tank up to 32 tons
   Pallecon 1000 kg

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Properties and uses of fresh cream

Fresh cream is a dairy ingredient for ice cream and pastry products, which is responsible for the creaminess, softness, and taste of the ice cream.

It is used to guarantee the right softness to pastry creams, ice creams, and freezer desserts. It is mainly thanks to the cream that ice cream melts in the mouth gradually and deliciously.

But not only that, fresh cream is widely used in the kitchen and the food industry to enrich seasonings for pasta and soups or make sauces creamier, but also to fill and decorate desserts and cakes.

Compagnia Lattiero Casearia’s fresh cream production techniques

The process of cream production by skimming is based on separating out the fats present in the milk. Because fat is lighter than the other components of milk, it tends to rise to the surface, so that the cream can be easily separated by skimming or centrifugation.

Fresh cream from Compagnia Lattiero Casearia is an essential product for producing desserts and ice cream, and our company has only ever used top-quality goods. We export our products on a global scale to meet the many needs of the dairy industry with bulk cream supplies.

The company makes international and intercontinental deliveries and shipments worldwide, using practical and handy bag-in-box containers.

Uses of fresh cream for industrial production

Fresh cream from Compagnia Lattiero Casearia of Brescia is a key ingredient in ice cream and pastry production, reliably delivering food that’s creamy, toothsome and tasty.

The role of fats in pastry preparation

Animal fats give ice cream and frozen desserts the perfect texture, making cream the ideal ingredient to supplement the nutritional profile and taste of industrially-produced food. Cream is the magic ingredient that makes ice cream and cake so tasty, but any master pastry chefs or ice cream makers worth their salt know that the fat component of industrially-produced products must be carefully calibrated.

An ice cream or cake containing too much fat would taste cloying and have a greasy texture, making it difficult to digest. Too little fat, on the other hand, could make the ice cream runny (particularly true of cream-based ice creams).

That’s why it’s so important to be able to rely on a quality product like the fresh cream made by Compagnia Lattiero Casearia. This product consistently delivers a nutritional and organoleptic profile in line with consumer expectations, while meeting the production needs of industry. End customers love it too.

Dairy Industry: a benchmark in Italy and worldwide

The milk-based ingredients offered by Compagnia Lattiero Casearia are created to meet the demands of industrial production and result in an appetising, long-lasting and great-tasting product. Anyone who works in the confectionery industry knows the importance of relying only on milk and cream producers with proven professionalism, which only use dairy products of certified origin.

Compagnia Lattiero Casearia di Roccafranca (BS) offers:

  • transparent inspection procedures;
  • food safety;
  • accuracy and punctuality when handling orders and deliveries;
  • use of high-quality raw materials.

This makes our company a benchmark in the industry We’ve been manufacturing and exporting milk and dairy products for the food industry on a global scale for more than 15 years. We’ve always been involved in processing milk and dairy raw materials to meet the needs of the food industry. We use only the best raw materials, processed with efficient and effective procedures and state-of-the-art equipment and technology.

We’re able to distribute our confectionery and ice cream products worldwide through agreements with specialised food handling carriers and the use of innovative temperature-controlled storage systems.

Our fresh cream comes in convenient 20 kg bag-in-box containers, which are also great for customers requiring small quantities: fresh cream packed in bag-in-box containers reaches its destination in prime condition because the refrigerated jacket stores the product in optimal conditions.

Ice cream parlours, pastry shops and food manufacturers wishing to buy fresh cream in bulk can contact CLC in Roccafranca (BS). We’ve been producing, exporting and supplying milk and dairy products for over 15 years. We deliver milk with an inimitable Italian flavour throughout Italy and abroad. We always ensure competitive milk price quotations, in line with cream prices in the cream bulletin published by CLAL.

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