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Product description

Cream is a natural product based on pasteurized milk, characterized by a creamy and white color. It can be produced with different percentages of grease depending on the needs of the customers.


Cream is ideal for consumer applications such as ice cream, confectionery products and various recipes.


The cream can be supplied in all types of packaging depending on the needs of the customer.


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Fresh cream is a product obtained from fresh cow’s milk, through processes of (spontaneous) surfacing, centrifugation, and isolation of the serum.

Among the most crucial milk-based ingredients for ice cream and pastry making, fresh and frozen cream stand out for the high content in lipids (about the 35%), the excellent stability and ideal consistency of its foam, which makes it optimal to be whipped, and so a prerequisite component in industrial or artisanal ice cream and pastry making.

In fact, milk is present in ice cream both in its liquid form and as a cream, sometimes as yogurt and butter, or more frequently as butter oil (anhydrous butter AMF). In order to market a high quality ice cream you need high quality dairy products, such as the Italian cream labeled Compagnia Lattiero Casearia, shipped all over the world through dedicated carriers.

Suppliers and exporters of milk and dairy products for the food industry on a global scale, we are available to meet the multifaceted needs of the dairy industry with supplies of cream in large format. CLC has been a reliable producer and supplier of dairy products for many years and is the company to get in touch with to buy fresh and/or frozen cream in Europe, US, Canada and many other Countries of the world.

Fresh Cream, ice cream and frozen desserts

Among the dairy ingredients for ice cream and pastry making, fresh cream is the one responsible for consistency, smoothness and taste of ice cream. In recipes for frozen desserts, animal fats (first of all cow’s milk, followed by eggs) play a main role in conferring the typical soft, airy body of creams. At the same time this dairy ingredients complete the nutritional profile and taste of creamy and sometimes fruity gelato too, contributing to their thermic balance as well.

To put it in at simpler way, we may say that it is mainly because of cream that gelato melts in such a gradual and pleasant way in our mouths. However, as all ice-cream maestros and master bakers know, the fat component must be carefully calculated in ice creams and frozen desserts’ recipes. If too fat, the ice cream would be sickening, oily and too hard to digest. On the other hand, a lack of fats may cause the ice cream to have a feeble body (particularly in creamy ice cream).

Of course, fresh cream is not the only responsible for ice cream’s fat component, amounting between the 6 and 10% of total weight. Lipids in ice cream and frozen desserts typically include cow’s milk, eggs, flavours and cream itself. Hence the importance of the quality of ingredients in ice cream and bakery making – which, fresh or frozen, must grant a proper nutritional and organoleptic profile, in line with the consumers’ tastes and expectations: a product able to satisfy the customers and win their affection.

For the purchase of cream for ice cream in Italy, Europe, Middle-East, Pacific Asia and in many other countries, you can contact the Compagnia Lattiero Casearia of Roccafranca (BS): the Italian company has been producing milk and dairy products for the food industry for over 10 years, and is now selling worldwide.

Italian fresh cream for sale on a global scale

The quality of food depends on the quality of its ingredients; pastry and ice-cream making require verified dairy ingredients to satisfy the expectations on taste, shelf life and attractiveness. For industrial or artisanal pastry and ice-cream making, choose the quality of the best Italian dairy products: Compagnia Lattiero Casearia, supplier and exporter of milk and dairy products for the food industry on a global scale for over 10 years, only uses prime quality raw matters for the production of fresh cream and frozen cream, yogurt, milk concentrate and other milk-based products.

An obvious prerequisite of our production is the conformity with the legal provisions applying in Italy, in the European Community and in all the Countries where we export: to meet such standards the company implements all the resources required to achieve safety and legal compliance. To us, quality means obtaining milk-based products from raw materials of first choice and following transparent, efficient and effective procedures in order to satisfy the expectations expressed by the customer.

In such a view, the HACCP self-control protocols are an essential part of our routines: a dynamic instrument which enables us to efficiently face any problem related to product safety and legality. Sales and distribution on a global scale are provided by specialised carriers using specific temperature-controlling transportation systems such as road tankers equipped with on-line temperature-measuring devices and GPS systems for real-time tracking in order to guarantee the utmost quality of the cream and the other milk-based products at their destination arrival.

To buy fresh or frozen cream in large formats for ice-cream parlours, confectioners and producers in the food sector, you can contact the CLC of Roccafranca (BS). Manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of milk and dairy products for over 10 years, we make deliveries throughout Italy and abroad to ensure that the milk is an all-Italian taste. We always guarantee the best and most convenient quotations of milk and cream, in accordance with the CLAL cream bulletin.