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Product description

Full-fat yogurt is a healthy and complete food, with excellent nutritional properties and is produced by the fermentation of full-fat milk.


Full-fat yogurt can be used for the production of ice cream and confectionery products.


Full-fat yogurt can be supplied in all types of packaging according to customer needs.


Choose fresh full-fat yogurt by Compagnia Lattiero Casearia

Fresh full-fat yogurt, or frozen, preserves the optimal nutritive properties and satisfying taste of milk.

Whole-milk yogurt is produced from the fermentation of whole milk, a beverage with an excellent nutritional profile. The fat of whole milk has in fact an important content of fat-soluble vitamins like A and D, essential for the absorption of calcium and proteins, which make it an excellent food for the well-being of the body.

Many confectionery products, for fridge or freezer, can be made from whole-milk yogurt: the Compagnia Lattiero Casearia of Roccafranca (BS) is able to supply fresh full-fat yogurt in different types of packaging, with national and international shipments compliant to HCCP protocol. Suppliers, traders and exporters of milk and derivatives for the food industry on a global scale, we are available to meet the multifaceted needs of the dairy industry, with international and intercontinental deliveries and shipments anywhere in the world.

Fresh full-fat yogurt for industrial productions

A healthy, tasty and nutritionally complete food, fresh full-fat yogurt is rich in lactic ferments and probiotics, vitamins (B1, A, B2, B3, B6, B12, C) and minerals (potassium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium and others). In recent years the consumption of yogurt has grown exponentially in the world thanks to its complete nutritional profile, the high digestibility and the palatable taste.

In order to preserve the characteristics that make it such an important food to integrate into daily nutrition, yogurt is enriched with two living bacterial cultures, the Lactobacillus Bulgaricus and the Streptococcus Thermophilus: these fundamental micro-organisms, responsible for the transformation of milk into yogurt through the fermentation process, must remain alive and active along the entire production and distribution chain, up to the final consumer.

In addition to satisfying taste, whole-milk yogurt has a strengthening effect on the immune system, inducing an increase in “good” bacterial microflora (which synthesises nutrients more efficiently and improves intestinal transit), and antibiotic action against pathogenic bacteria. Additional benefits of fresh yogurt on health include better absorption of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, folic acid and proteins, with a positive effect on allergic manifestations and as a healthy strategy to prevent cancer.

Buy fresh full-fat yogurt for industrial production

Fresh full-fat yogurt is an excellent base for ice cream and pastry products, both artisanal and industrial. Light and digestible, yogurt can be safely consumed even by those who follow a controlled caloric regime. The whole dairy of the Compagnia Lattiero Caseria is produced at the Roccafranca (BS) plant according to the hygiene and safety regulations laid down by national and EU regulations and with practices based on the highest quality standards.

Producers and exporters of milk and dairy products for the food industry on a global scale for over 10 years, we offer milk-based products of prime quality, ideal for all uses in the food sector. The production and processing of dairy products and milk-based products for confectionery and ice-cream professionals takes place at our plant in northern Italy, equipped with systems built in compliance with strict ethical and environmental standards and with materials and technologies that comply with food safety requirements.

For the purchase of whole yoghurt and milk-based products in large formats for ice-cream parlours, confectioners and producers in the food sector, you can contact the CLC of Roccafranca (BS). We only use milk-based raw materials treated according to transparent, efficient and effective procedures. Low fat yogurt, concentrate milk, fresh and frozen cream, milk and other high quality frozen or fresh milk products are made available for industrial production by CLC. Deliveries and shipments are guaranteed all over the world thanks to our global distribution network and innovative packaging systems (Bag In Box up to 20 kg, Mini Tank and Pallecom up to 1000 kg, tractors with isothermal tanks for higher quantities). Manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of milk and dairy products, we deliver throughout Italy, Europe and in the rest of the world, always guaranteeing the best price of milk in the dairy market based on the reference CLAL prices and the cream bulletin.