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Product description

Low-fat yogurt is a low-calorie food rich in nutritional qualities, produced by the fermentation of low-fat milk with lactic ferments.


Low-fat yogurt can be used for the production of ice-creams and confectionery products.


Low-fat yogurt can be supplied in all types of packaging depending on the needs of the customer.


Choose fresh low-fat yogurt by Compagnia Lattiero Casearia

Food obtained with the addition of probiotics, micro-organisms able to transform lactose into lactic acid through the process of fermentation, to milk, yogurt is appreciated by consumers of all ages, included those on energy-restricted, healthy regimens.

Fresh low-fat yogurt is a nonfattening food still rich in nutritional values, obtained from fermented low-fat milk with added bacteria. Perfect for industrial needs, fat-low yogurt is provided by the Italian company Compagnia Lattiero Casearia in different kind of packaging, depending on the customers’ needs. We have been operating as dairy suppliers and traders for over 10 years, and today we produce, sell and export fresh and frozen milk, yogurt and dairy products for the food industry on a global scale.

Fresh low-fat yogurt for industrial use: taste, health and convenience

With its typical sour taste and its natural creaminess, fresh low-fat yogurt is a nourishing, detoxifying and highly energetic food, whose consumption is also recommended as a support during antibiotics therapies.

Its purifying properties make yogurt important for smokers and ex smokers, as well as for children, aged people and pregnant women, helping to prevent osteoporosis, to control weight and improve intestinal health.

Yogurt processing begins with the selection of the ingredients, that are mixed and homogenised. After heat treating, the cultures are injected and the fermentation begins. However the content of the yogurt may significantly vary according to the kind of milk and its fat content, its main nutritional properties consist in a high content in calcium, phosphorus, vitamins B2 and B12, iodine, zinc, potassium and proteins, all in a low calories, low cost and highly digestible food.

Buy fresh low-fat yogurt for ice cream, artisan and industrial pastry production

For the purchase of fresh or frozen low-fat or full-fat yoghurt, in Italy and abroad, you can contact the Compagnia Lattiero Casearia in Roccafranca (BS), an Italian company that has been processing and trading milk and dairy products for the food industry for over 10 years. Our fresh low-fat yogurt is produced at the Roccafranca (BS) plant, equipped with systems built in compliance with strict ethical and environmental standards, using materials and technologies that comply with food safety requirements. The production and processing of dairy products and milk-based products intended for pastry and ice-cream professionals are made exclusively using milk-based raw materials treated according to transparent, efficient and effective procedures.

Whole yogurt and low-fat yogurt, concentrated milk, fresh cream and frozen cream, fresh milk and other high quality frozen or fresh milk products are also available for sale on the CLC website, with worldwide distribution. We rely on a global distribution network that implements innovative packaging systems to guarantee the quality of food (Bag In Box up to 20 kg, Mini Tank and Pallecom up to 1000 kg, tractors with isothermal tanks for higher quantities).

With the pride and wisdom of the Italian food tradition, that has reached peaks of absolute quality even in the field of milk processing, and in collaboration with carriers specialised in the handling of food products with avant-garde logistics, we are able to guarantee sale and delivery of yogurt and frozen or fresh milk products of the highest quality all over the world.

To buy fresh or frozen low fat yoghurt in large formats for ice cream parlours, confectioners and producers in the food sector, you can contact the CLC of Roccafranca (BS). Manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of yoghurt and dairy products operating on the milk market for over 10 years, we deliver throughout Italy, Europe and the rest of the world, always ensuring the best price, in accordance with the international milk rates and cream bulletin provided by the CLAL.