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Product description

Milk is a complete food that can be used, after pasteurization, for direct consumption or for the production of: butter, cream, yogurt and cheese and all those products derived from milk.


We can supply whole or lean milk depending on the final use of the customer.


Milk can be supplied by tankers with variable quantities.


Choose fresh milk by Compagnia Lattiero Casearia

According to the Italian law (RD 9/5/29 n.994 and subsequent amendments), fresh milk for food consumption is the product obtained from milking animals (not only cows, but also goats, sheep, donkeys, etc.) “in good health and nutrition”.

The milking must be “regular, uninterrupted and complete” to guarantee the health of the animal and the quality of the food. Thanks to its extraordinarily rich nutritional profile, cow’s milk is one of the most complete foods, and an excellent source of proteins with high biological value, vitamins and minerals.

Dairy, that is milk and its large variety of derivatives, is one of the five main food groups, and are essential part of a healthy and balanced nutrition. For the purchase of medium to large quantities of fresh cow’s milk, you can count on the experience and expertise of the Compagnia Lattiero Casearia of Roccafranca (BS), Italian company that produces and exports milk and milk-based products on a global scale.

Whole fresh milk or skimmed milk for production in the food industry or for consumption

Fresh milk is a complete food that can be used, after pasteurisation, for direct consumption or for the production of butter, cream, yogurt, cheese and various other dairy products, ie products derived from milk. Concentrate milk, which is obtained from the concentration of milk by evaporation, is one of the most versatile milk derivatives, suitable for the production of ice creams and as a raw ingredient for confectionery industry.

Fresh milk can be whole or skimmed, depending on whether it contains the lipid component or not. Milk is properly called skimmed when the fat content is lower than 0.3%, while lipid matter between 1.5 and 1.8% identify partially skimmed milk.

Even the energy intake, on average rather low (from 35 to 65 kcal/100 g), varies according to the level of skimming. The possibility of varying the level of skimming makes milk a food suitable for consumption in all food regimes, from slimming diets to sports nutrition.

The average daily portion of milk recommended by the health guidelines is about 200 ml per day, also taking into account the contribution of yogurt, cheese or other dairy products (generally recommended around 125-250 g/day). For more information on the sale and export of milk and dairy products in big formats, feel free to contact the Italian dairy supplier and trader CLC.

Nutritional characteristics of fresh milk

The appearance and the organoleptic characteristics of milk, opalescent liquid with a complex composition, can vary considerably depending on the type of processing, the animal of origin, the level of skimming (from none to partial to total) and the type of heat treatments possibly carried out for storage.

Milk offers a content of calcium and phosphorus that contributes to the achievement of the recommended daily ration for those undergoing growth and for the elderly.

Vitamin A (retinol and equivalents) is present in optimal quantities especially in whole milk, alongside riboflavin (vitamin B2) and many other B vitamins. Milk also contains important amounts of mineral salts, with particular attention to calcium and phosphorus, and microelements such as zinc and selenium.

Buy fresh milk for industrial use in the food sector

Whole, skimmed or semi-skimmed fresh milk is sold in different forms (pasteurised, UHT, concentrated or powdered) according to the intended uses. The processing and packaging take place at the premises of the Compagnia Lattiero Casearia of Roccafranca (BS), in the heart of northern Italy, where about 70% of Italian milk production is concentrated.

By applying consolidated methods based on the highest quality standards, we work with plants, materials and technologies that meet food safety requirements to produce milk and dairy products for sale on a large scale. Every day, the production cycles are followed by meticulous washing with CIP (Cleaning In Place) automated systems. The plant is equipped with systems built in compliance with the ethical and environmental aspects and internal quality laboratory for line analysis to guarantee the release of a product compliant with quality requirements.

Not only fresh milk, but also fresh and frozen cream, low-fat yogurt and yogurt from whole milk, concentrate milk and high quality milk-based products, with deliveries and shipments all over the world through specialised couriers. The formats include 10Kg or 20Kg Bag in Box boxes with a refrigerated cavity suitable for small quantities of dairy products for industry; Tank shipped via refrigerated lorries throughout Europe and 1000Kg Pallecom; For shipments of large lots throughout Europe, trucks with isothermal tanks are used instead.

For the purchase of fresh, concentrated or frozen milk in large formats for ice cream parlours, confectioners and producers in the food sector, you can contact the CLC of Roccafranca (BS). Suppliers and exporters of milk and dairy products, we make deliveries throughout Italy and abroad to ensure an all Italian taste to your products.