Whole Milk concentrate 45%

It is made from the cold membrane filtration of whole milk, allowing for a concentration of dry matter of 45%. The product is then packaged in bag-in-box containers and frozen for shipment overseas.

The concentration process gives the product a thicker and creamier texture, as the content of fat and other nutrients of the milk remains the same.

It is used in many preparations of the food industry and can be made back into milk through rehydration and pasteurization.

Transport Temp: -18°C Storage Temp: -18°C
Shelf Life: 24 months from the date of production
Typer of Container: 40 HC reefer – 23 pallets
Packaging:  Bag in box 10 or 20kg

We export all over the world

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Characteristics of frozen concentrated milk

The frozen whole milk concentrate 45% produced by Compagnia Lattiero Casearia in Roccafranca (BS) can be stored for 24 months from its production date at -18 °C. It’s packed in 40 ft high cube reefer containers – 22 pallets with 10 or 20 kg bag-in-box containers.

The product boasts an excellent organoleptic profile, enhancing the structure, body and taste of fresh and frozen desserts and ice cream for a better taste and more intense enjoyment.

Frozen milk concentrate is an essential ingredient in ice cream and pastry preparations, because the specific freezing process it undergoes enables it to retain all the nutritional characteristics of fresh milk.

Choosing Compagnia Lattiero Casearia’s whole milk concentrate means you can rely on high quality raw materials for outstanding industrial products.

Using frozen milk concentrate in industrial production

The frozen whole milk concentrate 45% that Compagnia Lattiero Casearia offers confectionery companies and ice cream parlours is produced using innovative temperature-controlled storage systems in partnership with specialist HACCP-compliant food handling carriers.

This guarantees the high quality of the product, which is exported all over Italy and abroad with a 24-month shelf life guarantee.

The product is produced without undergoing excessive temperature fluctuations, before being poured into 10 kg or 20 kg bag-in-box containers. Once the filling stage is over, the bag-in-box containers are stacked on 1000 kg pallets and then frozen as quickly as possible at – 40 °C.

Whole milk concentrate 45%: why choose Industria Lattiero Casearia

We process our dairy products in plants in northern Italy according to procedures compliant with food hygiene and safety regulations certified by HACCP, ISO 9001, IFS, Kosher Certificate, Halal Certificate and Halal Additional Certificate. We’re also compliant with Regulation EC IT 03/1734.

Industria Lattiero Casearia uses only equipment, materials and technologies that comply with food safety regulations and guidelines.

Our production cycles are routinely monitored by highly specialised staff and our equipment is thoroughly washed using automated CIP (Cleaning In Place) equipment. The plant in Roccafranca (BS) is equipped with facilities built to comply with ethical and environmental principles and an in-house laboratory for line analysis and product release in compliance with quality requirements.

Contact CLC in Roccafranca (BS) to buy bulk fresh milk concentrate or frozen milk for industries, ice cream parlours, pastry shops and food producers.  We have produced, exported and supplied milk and dairy products for over 15 years. We deliver throughout Italy and abroad, always guaranteeing the most competitive milk price, in accordance with the CLAL cream bulletin.

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