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frozen CREAM

Product description

Frozen cream is a natural product based on pasteurized milk, characterized by a creamy density and white color. It can be produced with different percentages of fat depending on the needs of the customers.


Frozen after production to preserve its delicious creamy taste, it is ideal in consumer applications such as ice creams, confectionery products and various recipes.


We use 20 kg Bag In Box for packaging frozen cream.


Choose frozen cream by Compagnia Lattiero Casearia

Custard, whipped cream and fiordilatte are prerequisite ingredients in pastry and ice cream making. In these fields, milk and frozen cream and dairy products play a vital role in conferring the right taste, texture and nutritional profile to products such as fresh and frozen desserts.

Cream itself, used fresh or frozen, Is crucial in providing the right amount of sugars and fats, charged with the main task of determining the texture and taste of milk-based gelato and desserts.

This is why the dairy products used in ice cream and frozen desserts’ recipes must be of the utmost quality. Such as the exported cream from CLC: we ship our products all over the world via special carriers and through advanced refrigerated systems. Manufacturers and exporters of milk and dairy products for the food industry on a global scale, we work everyday to meet the multifaceted needs of the dairy industry with cream and dairy supplies in large formats.

Frozen cream for ice-cream and pastry making

The quality of end products depends on the quality and balance of the ingredients: every baker, every chef and every food artisan knows that. The perfect harmony between sugars and fats is key to obtain a frozen dessert which is soft but not squashy, devoid of ice and lumps and with a good look to show in the ice-cream parlour windows.

Milk  product obtained through processes of spontaneous surfacing, centrifugation and isolation from the serum, cream is a key ingredient in pastry and ice cream making thanks to its high content in lipids (about 35%), sugars, solid components and anti-freezing substances. The surfacing process allows the isolation of milk natural fats (about 3.5% of total content), lighter than the other components.

Once the fat has surfaced, milk frozen cream can be easily separated through skimming or centrifugation. In order to allow the surfacing of cream through skimming, the milk has to rest for some hours. Then serum and fats get separated in cream and skimmed milk, which may be sent directly to the store shelves or processed to obtain low-fat cheeses.

Centrifugation, on the other hand, exploits gravity to separate the different components of milk. To be placed on the market and sold either fresh or frozen, cream needs to be pasteurised or sterilised and packaged. At this point cream is ready to be sold as one of the key ingredients for ice cream, pies, fresh and frozen desserts, including butter and mascarpone. For the purchase of dairy ingredients for ice cream throughout Italy and abroad, you can contact the Compagnia Lattiero Casearia of Roccafranca (BS), an Italian dairy company that has been producing and marketing milk and dairy products for the food industry worldwide for over 10 years.

Frozen cream for professional use

Pastry and ice cream making require prime dairy ingredients to satisfy the customers’ expectations on taste, shelf life and tastefulness of the product. Among the dairy ingredients for ice cream and pastry, vaccine fats are responsible for the creaminess, smoothness and taste of ice cream while also completing their nutritional profile and taste, so important to win the customers’ satisfaction and loyalty.

For industrial or artisanal pastry and ice cream making, choose the quality of the best Italian frozen cream and other dairy products: Compagnia Lattiero Casearia only uses prime quality raw matters for the production of fresh and frozen cream, yogurt, milk concentrate and butter oil (AMF). Quality is a key instrument in our control and management procedures, to achieve customer satisfaction, while also streamlining production and cutting costs. Our commitment to quality is testified by the implementation of a policy revolving around ethical and environmental criteria at all management levels.

Buy frozen cream for industrial and artisanal use

To buy fresh or frozen cream in large formats for ice cream parlours, pastry shops and producers in the food sector, you can contact the CLC of Roccafranca (BS), an Italian dairy company that produces and sells milk and dairy products for the food industry in Italy and abroad.

The excellence of our products is also guaranteed by our skilled, trained and experienced personnel, who operates on efficiently equipped premises and with technologies subject to adequate maintenance. The health and safety protocols include daily wash cycles by means of CIP (Cleaning In Place) automatic systems, effected to ensure health and hygiene conditions are restored for the following operations. The authentic Italian flavours of our dairy ingredients for ice cream and pastry industry will improve the taste, look and consistency of your ice cream, gelato, frozen desserts and fresh desserts, fresh cream and frozen cream. Manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of milk and dairy products for over 10 years, we deliver our fresh and frozen dairy throughout Italy and abroad, always ensuring the best quotations in accordance with the CLAL quotations and the international cream bulletin.