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Product description

Low-fat yogurt is a low-calorie food rich in nutritional quality, produced by fermenting low-fat milk with lactic ferments.


The low-fat yogurt, frozen after production, can be used for the production of ice-creams and confectionery products.


The frozen lean yogurt can be supplied in a 20 kg bag in box.


Choose frozen low-fat yogurt by Compagnia Lattiero Casearia

Yogurt is a healthy food rich in nutritional elements important for the health of the body at all ages.

If made from skimmed milk, yogurt is the ideal base for tasty products with low fat and low calories: creamy yogurt, yogurt to drink, frozen yogurt and many others are some of the foods derived from yogurt, today increasingly requested on market by consumers of all ages.

Even when frozen, low-fat yogurt preserves an excellent nutritional profile. The yoghurt of the Compagnia Lattiero Casearia of Roccafranca (BS) is supplied in different types of packaging and quantities, with national and international shipments. We have been operating in the dairy sector for over 10 years, and we are proud to supply and export our milk and dairy products for industry on a global scale.

Frozen low-fat yogurt from skimmed or partially skimmed milk

The production processes of frozen low-fat yogurt are akin to those of whole yogurt, with the fundamental difference of the raw material used, that is whole, skimmed or partially skimmed milk.

The presence of the fermented Lactobacillus Bulgaricus and Streptococcus Thermophilus in high quantity is at the basis of a correct definition of the food product yogurt from the legal and biological-nutritional point of view.

In order for these specific acidifying micro-organisms to remain active and vital in the product until consumption, a strict respect of the cold chain, from production to distribution to the final consumer, is a key factor.

Frozen low-fat yogurt: all the benefits of long-lasting yogurt

Both whole and fresh low-fat yogurt, obtained from totally or partially skimmed milk, have a low pH (acid) able to regulate gastric pH.

The antibiotic action carried out on pathogenic intestinal microorganisms, the high availability of calcium and phosphorus and the ability to stimulate the intestinal fermentative flora to the detriment of the putrefactive one, make yogurt a real panacea for health, to be consumed daily in different ways.

Yogurt contains less lactose than milk, as the bacteria process it into lactic acid. Even frozen low-fat yogurt – often preferred in the light or low-fat recipe for the typical acidic flavour that is particularly suitable for the preparation of tasty freezer sweets – has an excellent nutritional profile, with a high presence of minerals (calcium, sodium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, fluorine, selenium and copper), vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B121, C and J), proteins, fats, lactic ferments and probiotics.

These characteristics help to stimulate the immune system protecting the health of the stomach and intestines. For the purchase of frozen low-fat yoghurt throughout Italy and abroad, you can contact the Compagnia Lattiero Casearia of Roccafranca (BS), an Italian company that has been producing and marketing milk and dairy products for the food industry worldwide for over 10 years.

Buy frozen low-fat yogurt for industrial production

Food with a low calorie and low lipid content, frozen low-fat yogurt is characterised by an excellent nutritional profile. Low-calories yogurt is produced from the addition of milk enzymes to low-fat milk to induce fermentation. The processing and freezing of low-fat yogurt takes place at the Roccafranca (BS) plant, in the heart of the Po Valley and Northern Italy, responsible for more than 70% of Italian milk production.

We are able to guarantee perfect and punctual deliveries all over the world, thanks to a widespread distribution network and innovative thermal preservation systems that are carried out in strict compliance with the cold chain. The low-fat yogurt is frozen at the end of the process and supplied in 20 kg Bag In Box or larger sizes (Mini Tank and Pallecom up to 1000 kg, trucks with isothermal tanks for higher quantities) according to the customer’s needs.

Our logistics is managed in collaboration with couriers specialised in the handling of food products, that make use of trucks with refrigerated tanks and pay constant attention to the implementation of self-control plans based on the HACCP scheme. The fresh or frozen low-fat yogurt and other milk-based products supplied by the Compagnia Lattiero Casearia with international and intercontinental shipments are suitable to be used as a base for the industrial production of ice creams and confectionery products.

To buy low-fat or full-fat yoghurt, fresh or frozen in large formats for ice cream parlours, confectioners and producers in the food sector, you can contact the CLC of Roccafranca (BS). Manufacturers, traders and exporters of yoghurt and dairy products on the milk market for over 10 years, we deliver our dairy products throughout Italy and abroad, always ensuring the best price, in accordance with the CLAL cream bulletin.