Powdered milk and derivatives

Supply and marketing of powdered milk and derivatives

Compagnia Lattiero Casearia is a supplier of powdered milk and derivatives offering premium quality and certified origin. This product is widely used for many preparations, from catering to confectionery, and is supplied in all types of packaging to suit customer requirements.

For a supply of powdered milk and derivatives throughout Italy and abroad, contact Compagnia Lattiero Casearia in Roccafranca (BS). This Italian dairy company has been producing and marketing milk and dairy products for the food industry worldwide for over 15 years.

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POWDERED MILK: what it is and how to use it

In the kitchen, powdered milk is used to replace milk in liquid form because of its convenience and shelf life. It’s also used in many pastry recipes.

CLC powdered milk is a derivative of cow’s milk, made by removing water from whole, semi-skimmed or skimmed milk, cream or a mixture of all these components. The water content must not exceed 5% of the finished product weight. Drying operations are carried out by atomising concentrated milk (from which approximately 60% of water has previously been evaporated). This method allows a significant reduction in time and cost.

CLC’s powdered milk types

CLC powdered milk is widely used in the confectionery industry, particularly for ice-cream production, due to its stability and for logistical reasons. Some 4000 kg of powder is used to prepare the equivalent of one truckload of milk (30,000 litres). When packaged in 25 kg bags, the powdered milk occupies more or less the space of two Euro-pallets instead of a huge trailer.

Skimmed milk powder is widely used in ice-cream parlours. This ensures 33% protein with a specific moisture content of 4/5% and fat content of less than 1%. This milk comes in spray form or as granules.

Milk derivatives: what are they?

Milk derivatives are made from pure milk or are by-products of the cheese or butter production process. These include cream, butter, mascarpone, yoghurt and powdered buttermilk that come in handy for traditional cuisine, pastry and ice-cream making.

Types of milk derivatives

Compagnia Lattiero Casearia offers its customers various types of milk derivatives including:

  • Buttermilk is the product left over when milk or cream has been made into butter. It’s an excellent partial substitute for skimmed milk powder in the production of cream-based ice creams, giving the product body and aroma. In confectionery, it is an excellent ingredient for making pastry creams;
  • Cream powder is used as a fat corrector in ice cream and as a flavour enhancer; cream powder is used to increase the creaminess of ice cream;
  • Yoghurt powder is used in confectionery, in the preparation of bakery products and for making ice cream (not to be confused with acidifying agents for ice cream);
  • Butter and mascarpone powder are milk by-products used in confectionery to replace fresh products for extra convenience and provide a longer shelf life. They are mainly used in the confectionery industry but also in catering.

Sale of powdered milk and derivatives for Italy and abroad 

To buy powdered milk for ice-cream parlours, pastry shops and food manufacturers, contact CLC of Roccafranca (BS). We’ve been producing, exporting and supplying milk and dairy products for over 15 years. We deliver milk with an inimitable Italian flavour throughout Italy and abroad. We always ensure competitive milk price quotations, in line with cream prices in the cream bulletin published by CLAL.

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