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Milk based ingredients
for the food industry

Compagnia Lattiero Casearia in Roccafranca (BS) produces, distributes and markets the following products for the food industry:

Production of milk-based ingredients
for the food industry

Contact Compagnia Lattiero Casearia in Roccafranca (BS) for the production of milk-based ingredients throughout Italy and abroad. This Italian dairy company has been producing and marketing milk and dairy products for the food industry worldwide for over 15 years.

Since we began, we’ve offered large and small and medium-sized companies the opportunity to benefit from prompt, all-round services that provide real support to productive activities.

When choosing milk-based ingredients for the food industry you need frozen or fresh milk-based products of the highest quality, like those offered and sold worldwide by the Compagnia Lattiero Casearia of Roccafranca (BS).

We offer our milk-based ingredients to pastry and ice-cream professionals and dairy companies worldwide, trusting in the wisdom and quality of the hallowed Italian food tradition, which really excels itself when it comes to milk processing.

Milk-based ingredients for confectionery and ice cream

Craft and industrial confectionery and ice-cream parlours make extensive use of fresh, frozen or partially dehydrated milk-based ingredients such as milk concentrate. This is because the organoleptic and structural characteristics of milk give fresh and/or frozen desserts their distinctive characteristics of creaminess, sweetness, lightness and smoothness on the palate.

Fats of animal origin, particularly dairy products, continue to play a prominent role in pastry and ice cream preparation even though plant-based fats are being used more and more in ice-cream parlours and pastry shops. And, as master ice-cream and pastry chefs are well aware, finished product quality is closely linked to the quality of the ingredients used.

This is particularly true for milk-based ingredients, as they are the most important components in terms of percentage content and their impact on frozen product taste, texture and storage.

Wide selection of milk-based ingredients for the food industry

If you opt for milk-based ingredients of reliable quality like those offered by Compagnia Lattiero Casearia di Roccafranca (BS), you can count on top of the range industrial pastry and ice-cream products, because our foodstuffs undergo strict food quality and safety checks throughout the production chain and during transport.

You can find full-fat and low-fat yoghurt, fresh or frozen milk concentrate, fresh cream, fresh milk and butter. Everything’s made from the highest quality milk and is now also available for sale on the CLC website, with guaranteed worldwide delivery.

Customer care and professionalism: our milk-based ingredient output

The quality of our dairy products is guaranteed by the use of milk-based raw materials processed in accordance with transparent, efficient and effective procedures.

Each processing cycle is followed by cleaning stages, and our machinery is regularly serviced. We are able to distribute our milk-based ingredients and other dairy products for pastry and ice-cream makers throughout Italy and worldwide by using specialised food handling carriers and innovative temperature-controlled storage systems.

We have produced, exported and supplied milk and dairy products for over 15 years. We deliver throughout Italy and abroad, always ensuring the most competitive milk price quotations, in line with the CLAL bulletin.

Production and sale of milk-based ingredients throughout Italy

For top-quality food production that meets all legal obligations, make sure you choose top quality fresh or frozen raw materials that look good and meet excellent hygiene standards. Like the milk-based ingredients that Compagnia Lattiero Casearia of Roccafranca (BS) produces for the food industry.

The Compagnia Lattiero Casearia site produces high-quality certified milk ingredients for the food industry.

We guarantee the quality of our milk-based ingredients by using verified raw materials. Our experienced and well-trained staff are able to implement efficient, effective and transparent processing procedures using standard-compliant equipment, materials and technology.

Contact CLC in Roccafranca (BS) to learn more about the production of milk-based ingredients for the food industry. We produce and supply milk and dairy products. We deliver milk with an inimitable Italian flavour throughout Italy and abroad.

We export all over the world

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