Compagnia Lattiero Casearia

Producers of milk based raw materials for the confectionery and ice-cream industry. Among the main products are full-fat and low-fat yogurt, condensed milk, butter oil and cream.onde

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CLC srl company management is convinced that quality must be a key management instrument through which to organise, manage and keep the company follow-up under control from the point of view of product quality and customer satisfaction but also from the point of view of improved rationalisation and efficiency of the in-house organisation and satisfaction of all involved collaborators, with the certainty that this will lead to an increase in customers' loyalty and to achieve a satisfactory level of turnover. This is the reason why the company is committed to systematically define and review its performance improvement objectives. A further condition of obvious primary importance is obtaining a product that can meet the legal provisions applying in Italy, in the European Community and in all exporting countries. Safety and legality of the product are achieved by the company, which implements all the resources required. The control activities identified and managed by the HACCP self-control plan are essential; the plan was implemented by the company as a dynamic instrument with which to efficiently face any problem related to product safety and legality by means of its yearly validation by the in-house HACCP team. Therefore quality means producing milk-based products using raw materials of the same nature and following transparent, efficient and effective procedures aiming at satisfying the requirements of professionalism and the expectations concerning the product expressed by the customer. The company guarantees the quality of its products also through the use of personnel having the necessary experience, skills and level of training, who operates on premises equipped with efficient plants and equipment subject to adequate maintenance. CLC srl company management focuses and is committed to respecting the ethical and environmental aspects that might arise during the course of its activity. The management is committed to implement and support this quality policy, to disclose it and verify it regularly to check the level of understanding and implementation.

The production makes use of plants that take into account the requirements of food safety in terms of materials and technology. Thorough wash cycles by means of CIP (Cleaning In Place) automatic systems are carried out after production cycles on a daily basis to ensure health and hygiene conditions are restored for the next operation

Quality Control
CLC workshop is equipped with an in-house laboratory for line and product release analyses. Two external laboratories with SINAL (Italian Lab Accreditation Agency) certification carry out routine analyses to detect the presence of pathogens and contaminants. Laboratory CASTALAB di Bussolati & Miti of Fidenza, Consultants to the food industry and Advanced Technical Service providers certified SINAL 0318 Laboratory VAILATI srl of San Paolo (BS) certified SINAL 0569.

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