Compagnia Lattiero Casearia srl

CLC is a closely held company managed by the two main partners whose families have been in the dairy business for three generations.

From 2005 we specialize in the production of dairy ingredients for the food industry.

Our production plant is located in the Po Plain, in the center of the area with the largest cow milk production in Italy.


CLC offers a variety of fresh and frozen products from the processing of cow milk including milk, concentrated milk, cream, and yoghurt.

Our dairy ingredients are used in a wide range of productions in industrial ice cream making, confectionery, baking, and other food manufacturing.

CLC caters to a customer base of domestic and multinational companies. We use state of the art freezing techniques to deliver worldwide frozen products that have the same processing, texture and flavor properties of fresh products.

CLC promotes sustainable agriculture throughout its supply chain.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our priority and we make every effort to always accommodate our customers’ demands.

All phases of CLC’s industrial and logistic operations, from procurement to delivery, are constantly monitored to ensure that customers always receive best in class service.

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