of the Compagnia Lattiero Casearia

fresh or frozen

Produced from the skimming of whole milk, it is available in different % of fat content according to customers' specifications.

fresh or frozen

Produced from the evaporation of skimmed milk according to customers' specifications.


It’s a complete food that can be used, after pasteurization, for direct consumption or for the production of all its derivatives.

fresh or frozen

Produced from the fermentation of whole milk according to customers' specifications.

fresh or frozen

Produced from the fermentation of smikked according to customer's specifications.

Made with 100% Italian cream (82% FAT)

Choose quality with milk-based products by Compagnia Lattiero Casearia

Choose quality with milk-based products by Compagnia Lattiero Casearia

Pastry and ice cream makers use a lot of milk-based products, whose proteins and fats are crucial in determining the taste, consistence and shelf life of fresh and frozen desserts.

At the end of the day, it is the quality of the ingredients used in the recipes for ice cream and other frozen desserts to determine the quality of the product you market and its success, increasing the customers’ loyalty.

Using the milk concentrate, the cream, the frozen cream and the yogurt branded Compagnia Lattiero Casearia you will count on dairy ingredients for ice cream and pastry in line with the most severe standards for food quality and safety, shipped all over the world via specialised carriers.

Milk-based products for ice cream and pastry

Milk-based products for ice cream and pastry

Essential nutrition for men in all the ages of life, milk has always inspired the research and creation of new possible derivatives. From fresh and ripe cheeses to yogurt, cream and ricotta cheese, milk-based products are innumerable and serve the most disparate uses.

Dairy products are foods produced from the milk of mammals, such as butter, ricotta cheese and cheese, notwithstanding the processing they went through. In a more restrictive sense, dairy products are milk derivatives where casein is not coagulated, such as ricotta cheese, butter, butter, cream and yogurt, which still contain lactose (even if in some cases they can be treated with lactase enzyme for lactose-intolerant consumers).

Milk-based products for food industry

Milk-based products for food industry

Industrial and artisanal pastry and ice cream making make large use of fresh and frozen milk-based products. Structure and organoleptic characteristics of milk give fresh and or frozen desserts their typical features of creaminess, sweetness, softness and lightness.

Despite the recent success of vegetal fats, animal fats – and in particular cow’s milk based aliments – still play a main role in pastry and ice cream production. And, as masters confectioners and ice-cream makers know, the quality of the final product is strictly connected to the quality of the ingredients.

Particularly important is the quality of milk-based ingredients, since they are in percentage the main components in fresh and frozen desserts, influencing their taste, consistency and shelf life prospects. Compagnia Lattiero Casearia, with headquarters in Roccafranca (BS), only markets dairy ingredients for pastry and ice cream making after they pass strict quality and safety controls, and are thoroughly checked at all stages of the processing and shipping chain.

Buy milk-based products for ice cream and pastry

Buy milk-based products for ice cream and pastry

The choice of dairy ingredients for ice cream and confectionery should focus exclusively on frozen or fresh milk products of the highest quality, such as those proposed and sold worldwide by the Compagnia Lattiero Casearia di Roccafranca (BS), an Italian dairy and milk supplier and exporter based in the heart of the Po Valley.

At our factory equipped with systems built in compliance with strict ethical and environmental standards, and using materials and technologies that meet the requirements of food safety, we specialise in the production and processing of dairy and milk-based products intended for pastry and ice cream professionals.

We sell our milk-based products to companies all over the world, sure to offer a valuable product coming from the wisdom of Italian food tradition, which even in the field of dairy has reached peaks of absolute quality.

We carry out international and intercontinental shipments in cooperation with carriers specialised in the handling of food products that use innovative thermal storage systems (10Kg or 20Kg boxes with refrigerated cavity also suitable for those who need small quantities, 800kg to 1000Kg refrigerated tanks shipped throughout Europe, trucks with isothermal tanks for shipping large batches throughout Europe).

The quality of our dairy products is guaranteed by the use of milk-based raw materials treated according to transparent, efficient and effective procedures. Full-fat yogurt and low-fat yogurt, fresh or frozen concentrated milk, cream and other high quality frozen or fresh milk-based products are now available for sale on the CLC website, with guaranteed distribution all over the world.

To buy fresh, concentrated or frozen milk and other dairy products in large formats for ice cream parlours, confectioners and producers in the food sector, you can contact the CLC of Roccafranca (BS). Manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of milk and dairy products for over 10 years, we make deliveries throughout Italy and export all over the world our all-Italian taste dairy. We always guarantee the best quotations for milk, in accordance with the international CLAL cream bulletin.


milk as the best food produced in nature