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CLC offers an assortment of fresh and frozen products derived from cow’s milk processing which includes fresh milk, concentrated milk, cream and yogurt. Our products are used by major food companies in the industrial production of ice cream, confectionery and bakery products and other foods.

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CLC distributes in Europe and around the world using specialist food handling logistics platforms that apply the most innovative temperature-controlled storage systems.

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CLC operates in accordance with the best process and of product standards in the sector.
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Confectionery and ice-cream manufacturers make extensive use of milk-based products, which contain the proteins and fats essential for determining the taste, texture and shelf life of refrigerated, fresh or frozen pastries.

This is why the quality of the dairy products  included in the basic mixtures for ice cream andother frozen desserts will play a key role in determining the type of product we offer consumers, and thus market success and brand loyalty.

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Fresh milk concentrate, fresh cream or frozen cream and low-fat or full-fat yoghurt from Compagnia Lattiero Casearia di Roccafranca (BS) offer ingredients for the confectionery and ice-cream industry that you can rely on. They’re manufactured in accordance with the strictest quality and food safety standards and distributed worldwide in partnership with specialist carriers.

We produce and export milk and dairy products for the food industry on a global scale. We’re available to meet the many and varied needs of the dairy industry, offering international and intercontinental deliveries and shipments anywhere in the world.

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Using the milk concentrate, the cream, the frozen cream and the yogurt branded Compagnia Lattiero Casearia you will count on dairy ingredients for ice cream and pastry in line with the most severe standards for food quality and safety, shipped all over the world via specialised carriers.

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Craft and industrial confectionery and ice-cream parlours make extensive use of fresh, frozen or partially dehydrated milk products such as milk concentrate. This is because the organoleptic and structural characteristics of milk give fresh and/or frozen desserts their distinctive characteristics of creaminess, sweetness, lightness and smoothness on the palate.

Fats of animal origin, particularly dairy products, continue to play a prominent role in pastry and ice cream preparation even though plant-based fats are being used more and more in ice-cream parlours and pastry shops. And, as master ice-cream and pastry chefs are well aware, finished product quality is closely linked to the quality of the ingredients used.

This is particularly true for milk-based ingredients, as they are the most important components in terms of percentage content and their impact on frozen product taste, texture and storage. If you opt for milk-based ingredients of reliable quality such as those offered by Compagnia Lattiero Casearia di Roccafranca (BS), you can count on top of the range industrial pastry and ice-cream products, because our foodstuffs undergo strict food quality and safety checks throughout the production chain and during transport.

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Humans consume this staple food in various forms throughout their lives and this prompts ongoing research into milk and new possible derivatives. From fresh and mature cheeses to yoghurt, cream, cottage cheese and cream: a host of dairy products and a host of uses.

The term ‘dairy products’ is generally used to refer to all foods derived from milk, such as butter, cottage cheese and hard cheese, regardless of the manufacturing process. However, if we’re being picky, the only true dairy products are milk derivatives in which the casein does not coagulate, such as cottage cheese, butter, butter oil, cream (fresh cream), which still contain lactose (although in some cases they may undergo a treatment involving adding the enzyme lactase to make them suitable for consumption by lactose-intolerant people).

To buy milk-based products, and get more information on the sale of bulk milk and milk products, please contact the CLC milk producing company.

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