capillary worldwide


The Compagnia Lattiero Casearia s.r.l. is a company that operates a capillary distribution throughout the world. Thanks to innovative thermal preservation systems and collaborating with couriers specialized in handling food products, we guarantee the excellent quality of the goods upon arrival in your company. Our logistics relies on tank trucks and tractors with refrigerated pans managed by specialized companies in which the management system is covered by a self-control plan based on the HACCP scheme.



Quantity: from 10 kg and 20Kg
Format: practical boxes suitable for transport. They can be shipped all over the world thanks to the refrigerated cavity that guarantees an excellent conservation of the product. Thanks to its format it is also suitable for those who need small quantities.


Quantity: 1000Kg
Format: medium-sized tank shipped via refrigerated trucks. This type of transport is used to ship our products throughout Europe.


Quantity: 1000 kg
Format: uses the same concept of the bag in box, ie a bag inside aseptic to throw once used. The pallecon, however, have an additional advantage: they can be compressed by voids, a feature that allows it to be returned stacked, going to occupy less space and thus saving in the cost of transport.


Quantity: variable
Format: suitable for shipping large batches. The tanks are equipped with a GPS system for tracing the positioning of the vehicle in real time to guarantee journey times and arrival time at destination. The equipment includes the real-time detection of the temperature produced online. This type of transport is used to ship our products throughout Europe.


Length: 40 ft
Capacity: 22 tons
Format: refrigerated containers for long-haul transport. The constant control of the temperature allows the storage of goods according to customer needs and to the type of product. This type of transport is used to ship our products all over the world.

"We export all over the world"