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fresh or frozen BUTTER

Product description

Our butter with 82% FAT is obtained from selected fresh Italian cream.


Butter can be supplied both fresh and frozen and is intended for all industrial type productions.


We supply butter in blocks of 25 KG.


Fresh and frozen Italian butter sold all over the world

Essential in cooking and confectionery, butter is a derivative of milk, produced through the surfacing of fresh cream. For over ten years now, CLC has specialised in milk-based products for the food industry. We stood out in the market worldwide thanks to the qualities of our made in Italy products. We have been consolidating this position earning the reputation of a reliable, consistent, and superior dairy supplier and exporter. By choosing CLC branded fresh and frozen butter, you can count on safe and high-quality ingredients, made in compliance with European community standards and distributed throughout the world in collaboration with specialised carriers.

Producers and suppliers of fresh and frozen butter for food and pastry industry

Butter is a food of animal origin derived from cream or highly concentrated milk fat: about 25 l of whole milk are required to produce 1 kg of butter. Butter contains a considerable fat percentage – typically between 80 and 84%, while the remaining water content does not exceed 16%. CLC butter, obtained from selected fresh Italian cream, contains 82% fat.

Despite the considerable fat content, butter is by no means an unhealthy food. On the contrary, several studies have shown that hydrogenated vegetable fats (such as those contained in margarine or palm oil) are more harmful than milk fats contained in butter. Moreover, fresh or frozen butter is less caloric than other condiments; this is mainly due to its optimal content of unsaturated fats (i.e., the so-called good fats) and the high percentage of water.

For the purchase of fresh or frozen butter, feel free to contact CLC: the Italian manufacturer and supplier of dairy products on the international market will be glad to provide any information on the sale and shipment of milk and dairy products in large sizes.

Nutritional values ​​of fresh and frozen butter

The caloric content of butter amounts to 758 kcal/100 g, compared to the almost 900 of extra virgin olive oil, a vegetal condiment recommended by all nutritionists. Moreover, EVO oil consists almost entirely of lipids (99.9%), while the total lipid content of the butter is lower (around 84% of the total). Butter is healthy food to use in moderation likewise all fats; its high content in cholesterol (about 250 mg/100 g) and saturated fats could increase the amount of LDL cholesterol in the blood.

On the other hand, fresh or frozen butter is an optimal source of antioxidants, milk proteins, vitamin A (930 mg/100 g), mineral salts, calcium (25 mg/100 g) and phosphorus (16 mg/100 g). These characteristics give butter anti-tumoral and immune system-protective properties, which complete an extraordinary organoleptic profile. So there is no reason for excluding fresh and frozen butter from our diet: consumed pure or used for oven, fridge, or freezer recipes, butter is an excellent source of nutrients. As long as it is of high quality as the products branded CLC, the Italian producer of milk and dairy.

Buy fresh and frozen butter for food companies

The quality of butter essentially depends on the characteristics of the raw material and its processing. The Italian company CLC makes its butter through surfacing and centrifugation of fresh milk cream, followed by serum isolation. The high-fat content (around 82%) guarantees the outstanding properties of our fresh and frozen dairy, marketed to companies in the food sector worldwide.

All the stages of production and processing of dairy products and milk-based products take place at the plant in the heart of the Po Valley (Brescia, Lombardy), in compliance with strict ethical and environmental standards. We supply fresh or frozen butter in 25 kg blocks using innovative thermal preservation systems. We manage international and intercontinental shipments in collaboration with carriers specialised in the transportation of nutritious goods to guarantee the perfect quality of the milk-based product.

For the purchase of fresh or frozen butter in large sizes, food producers can contact the CLC of Roccafranca (BS). Producers, exporters, and suppliers of butter, cream, yogurt, and dairy products for over ten years, we deliver throughout Europe and abroad. We always guarantee the best quotations on the price of milk, following the CLAL cream bulletin, and we can ensure the Italian taste of frozen or fresh milk, cream, yogurt, and butter.